allorum™ the benefits of polypropylene curtains! 

Fluid resisting barrier with optional anti microbial agent

Quick loading glides for fast exchange

Broad range of colors, prints, custom designs, logo’s

Reduced weight, size and packaging for unit level staging

Uniform, maintenance free appearance throughout lifecycle

High Level Disinfectant reprocessing vs. laundering

Recycled at the end of lifecycle

Individually bar coded for tracking and supply chain management

✓ Significantly lower acquisition & replacement cost

The allorum™ solution provides for a recyclable polypropylene curtain that can have anti-microbial properties.  Our curtains are available in a unique range of solid colors and proprietary prints, and also offer the ability to be graphically enhanced on an individual basis by incorporating custom individualized designs, messages or logo’s.  Thus the aesthetic element is addressed, while a superior clinical solution is provided.

The curtain panel comes in a standardized size of 72” x 71”, allowing for a standard 12 inches of clearance off the ground, enough to keep them from becoming soiled and contaminated by being too close to the floor, yet retaining privacy.  Packaged 10 panels to the case, each carton and curtain is bar-coded to allow for optimal tracking and report generation.  This allows the hospital to know exactly when curtains were changed as well as knowing the history of the curtain.